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Volunteer Recruitment;PARAPHOTO2020PROJECT

Journalist/ Photographer

"recruitment of para sports interview team / member by multilingual language".


Application Requirements

Overview Now, for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games in two years, there are scenes where many overseas athletes participate in sports events in Japan. Do you participate in interviews with disabled sports? We are a collection of journalists of NPO media. We are looking for fellows to demonstrate the power of words, pictures and images. Also, I'm looking for multilingual support. Please contact us.


① Journalist / Photographer

Experience in interviewing or equivalent skills, ability, or intention. Have interests in unique experiences, skills, news gathering theme, people with high willingness of creative are welcome. * It is necessary to join a corporation. There is no compulsion of planning participation.


② Language interview support staff

When you need interview coverage by language study, please convert it to interpretation or character data from video and audio data. Sports, those who are interested in para sports. Those who can ask for continued support when there is time are welcomed. ※ To participate, a mail address, PC operation is required.


Application / Inquiry

info☆  (Please email to Sasaki)

*Please change ☆ to @ when you send E-mail.


To those who can work around Yokohama! Information sessions and interviews are available. · Monday - Friday (11 am - a pm) · Location: BAYS Conference Room / Yokohama City Naka-ku Nihon Boulevard 34 (Kannai station · Nihon-Odori station 1 to 2 minutes’ walk, near Yokohama Stadium)


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